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[ about | controls | keyboard ]
Below are all the controls for Worms Armageddon. Some of them (such as the fuse timer) only work for specific weapons. These controls are also mirrored in your manual, which was either provided as a booklet, or as a text/.pdf file on the Worms Armageddon CD.
Left / Right Moves the worm to the left/right.
On the rope :: Swings the worm to the left/right.
On the parachute :: Slows down/speeds up the direction of travel.
On the bungee :: Swings the worm to the left/right.
On the jetpack :: Flies to the left/right.
Using the girder :: Rotates the girder. Full 360 degrees to double/ halve the length.
Up / Down Aims the weapon up or down.
On the rope :: Reels in/lets out more rope.
On the parachute :: Slows down/speeds up decent.
On the bungee :: Cycling up/down keys in tandem with the worm movement, will make the worm bounce more.
On the jetpack :: Flies up.
Spacebar Fire selected weapon.
On the rope :: Controls the release and repeat firing of the rope.
On the parachute/bungee/jetpack :: Controls the release.
In replay :: Fast forwards the replay.
Enter Jump forwards.
+ x2 :: Jump backwards.
On the rope/parachute/bungee/jetpack :: Fire selected weapon.
Backspace Jump upwards.
+ x2 :: Backflip.
+ x2 then Enter :: Low Backflip.
Mouse Left-click With point-and-click weapon :: Fire selected weapon.
Mouse Right-click Expand/Retract the weapons console.
Mouse Movement Scroll around the terrain.
Escape Open/Close quit panel.
R immediately after the shot :: Force action replay.
S In replay :: Force slow motion.
Tab With Worm Select enabled :: Rotate through Worms in team.
Insert Rotate through graphics detail level.
Delete Rotate through Worm name detail level.
+ Shift :: Force Energy Bars display
Home Center on the current worm in play.
Page Up/Down On network games :: Open/Close chat window.
F1 - F12 Weapon speed-keys.
+ x1-5 :: cycle through all weapons in the group.
1 - 5 cetain weapons :: Set weapon fuse time.
with mad cows :: Set number of mad cows for realease.
+ / - Set high or low bounce.

[ about | controls | commands ]
Below are all the commands you can use in the chatbox, during network games. Remember, the Page Up/Down keys move the chat box up/down. Note, you will not be able to control your worm while the chat box is down.
Typing '/me' Green text :: performs an action.
'/me says hello' produces 'your_nickname says hello'.
Typing '/anon' Yellow text :: anonomous message.
'/anon Who said this?' produces '[Who said this?]'.
Typing '/msg' Blue text(sent) / White text(recieve) :: private message.
'/msg player_nickname psst! this is a secret message' sends 'psst! this is a secret message' to player_nickname, other players just see '*Whisper*'
F1 - F12 Private message speed-keys.
+ Ctrl :: Ignore/Unignore player.
(Function key numbers for individual players are next to their names to the right of the chat box.)

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