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Micro Mania
"Since 1995, when Team17 launched its Worms and its following versions, the title has become so popular that it is now a 'Cult' title. It is going to be difficult to make something better than Worms 2, keeping the spirit of the game, which will be the best guarentee for success. We are sure Worms Armageddon will have the necessary features to make it the best game in the Worms series."
OK PC Gamer
"Oh, my God!!! More Worms!! I am sure this will be very funny. Loved and hated by others the Worms series has always been a matter of controversy. However, something at which everybody agrees is that this is the simplest and most addictive multi-player adventure ever created."
"With its quirky humour and explosive gameplay, it will almost certainly be a major contender on the gaming market for 1999."
Bravo Screen Fun
"Magnificent gameplay, fantastic single player missions, genious multi-player fun. Best Worms game so far."
PC Format
"Britsoft hero to the core, Team17 have been making milestone games for pretty much every platform since it's first games for the Amiga back in 1990. Alien Breed, Body Blows, Assassin, Project X, Worms, Worms 2, Worms Armageddon, Worms World Party - Lets face it, we've grown up with these games, and were going to have tears in our eyes whenever they're mentioned for years to come."
"Team17 has spent many, many rainy days in Worms heaven, dreaming up every permutation on a theme you could possibly devise. This game has more modes than you'd have thought humanly possible!"
DC UK Magazine
"Four-player worming is almost as much fun as a night in with Britney Spears and a bottle of baby oil."
Stuart Dinsey, MCV
"Team17 have proved with Worms that, whatever the technology of the day, it is gameplay that still counts the most."
Dreamcast Magazine
"If you are even slightly into online games at their best, you'll want to get hold of this game right now."
Daily Radar
"Even more addictive than a frosty can of Slurm."
"...an addictive, and highly enjoyable product almost everyone can enjoy."

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"Worms Armageddon is the greatest Worms game yet, and easily one of the most addictive games of all time. The high-pitched voice samples of each Worm really are endearing, and they look all cute and cuddly, too. The graphics are excellent, with a very stylish cartoon look throughout the backgrounds and spot effects. What about the gameplay? It's incredibly addictive - the CPU opponents put up a good (and clever) fight, and the sight of a Worm throwing a hand grenade straight up in the air so it lands right in its head, sending him flying into the ocean is one that never stops being funny. An absolute must-have."
"The funniest Worms ever created comes again with a great third part in the series. With a simple concept, an original idea and extreme playability, this title will be a success."
PC Zone
90%, Classic Award
"To a sniffy ponce, it might look like a 'little game', but it's a damn sight more impressive than most of the blockbusters out there. In fact it's hard to convey just how intrinsically satisfying it is to play - it's as moreish as popping your way through a huge sheet of bubble wrap."
"The Worms are back again - with more oneliners and more heavy weapons than ever. A winner for all Worm lovers!"
PC Gamer
"A brilliant ending for the war of the Worms."
Level Magazine
"...one of the best improvments for this game is the strengthening of the single player part with a handfull of funny and enjoyable missions, which makes Worms Armageddon superb not only as a total multi-player experience but great fun for one player aswell... with so many improvements you see that Team17 still hasn't run out of ideas and that Worms Armageddon is again a great game."
PC Hemma

[ about | press | reviews | Dreamcast ]

Daily Radar
Direct Hit
"Worms Armageddon is one of those few games that rather than returning to occasionally, will be played for months straight without boredom."
"Within minutes of starting up Worms Armageddon casual gamers and even non-gamers can be wreaking mass destruction and enjoying themselves alongside the best of veterans."
"...hilarious voice samples of the worms taunting each other and cute animations of their wartime angst and what results is one of the best experiences to be had on Dreamcast."
Incite Games
"You, as commander of a team of cartoony inchworms, employ an arsenal that would put Charlton Heston's to shame in order to shoot, explode, drown, and pummel opposing worms into submission..."
"It's got something for everyone: an armory of outrageous weapons; the challenge of figuring out the most efficient way to wipe out rival worms; ten-minute games for casual gamers; more than 30 mission-based levels for those seeking total invertebrate immersion; Tex Avery-style artwork for the kids; and naughty references to the Royal Family for the adults."
"Worms: Armageddon is a terrific title for any Dreamcast gamer to have in his or her library, and it makes an ideal Christmas present for any gamer with a sense of humor."
"The worm antics are incredible, with hilarious voices and animation."
"It's fun . . . trust me!"

[ about | press | reviews | PlayStation ]

PSX Future Gamer
"They are those who will claim Armageddon is too little too late; that the Worms concept is old news. Thankfully, though, they're wrong. You can't keep a good game down, and the return of Worms only goes to show how inspired the gameplay of the original was. It may be the end of the Worms as we know it (but I feel fine)."
"Good in single player mode, but get your mates in and you'd better prepare for an experience you won't forget in a hurry."
Extreme Playstation
Official Playstation
Incite Games
Absolute Playstation

[ about | press | reviews | Nintendo64 ]

64 Magazine
"Worms has finally arrived on the N64 and it's safe to say that it was well worth the wait!"
"Worms: Armageddon is quite simply the peak of evolution for the Worms series."
"The control system is just perfection."
"The most addictive game on the N64, bar none!"
"It's going to ruin a lot of N64 owners' social lives!"
"If you only buy one game for your console this century then make it this one!"
"The sheer addictiveness keeps you coming back for more."
Official Nintendo Magazine
"Along with Tetris and Lemmings, Worms Armageddon is one of the most addictive puzzle games ever. Now there are even more weapons and extras. Never played Worms before? Then you must try this."
N64 Pro
"On my command you are all going to march down to your local shops and buy this game... and that maggots, is an order."
"Forget Wargames. This is Wormgames at their very, very best."
"Absurdly enjoyable, maddeningly tricky, and still insanely playable."
"Get a bunch of mates round and Worms Armageddon is the most fun you'll have had in your bedroom with a pink wriggly thing since that time you and your girlfriend played hunt the trouser snake. Brilliant stuff."
"Worms Armageddon ranks right up there as just about the most wonderfully demented war related shenanigans since Dad's Army met the cast of Allo Allo."
N64 Future Gamer
"The spineless ones' debut on the N64 has been a long time coming and just goes to show that you don't need millions of polygons and amazing motion-captured graphics to make a game that's so addictive and fun that you may well never turn off your N64 again. A classic multiplayer experience which gets even better after a night out with the boys at your local. Now where did I put my bazooka?"
"Good in single player mode, but get your mates in and you'd better prepare for an experience you won't forget in a hurry."
N64 World UK
"Earthworm Jim, step aside... These slimy fellas know the true meaning of pain."
"Manic madcap mucking! Top fun, and very very addictive!"
"It's the kind of game you'll never trade in. It always pulls you back or more."
"The improvements made to the one player game, and one of the best multi-player games around, means yet another top drawer title."
"Worms Armageddon is still an absolutely tipperty-top strategy title."
"Worms is still a teeee-rific as it ever was."
Total Games
"At the end of the day, try as we might we just can't fault this latest, greatest addition to the Worms series."
"Team17 has improved on just about everything that could possibly have been improved on and created a game which is absolutely impossible to put down."
"Worms Armageddon is quite simply the most addictive game on the N64 so far and the multiplayer is - dare we say it - even more enjoyable than Goldeneye!"
"If you only buy one game for your console this century then make it this one!"

[ about | press | reviews | Gameboy Color ]

Gaming Age
Grade B, great
"...Team17's lovable crew of cartoony, ballsy worms with heavy artillery have made yet another successful jump from the PC onto a game system."
"The graphics in Worms Armageddon GBC are extremely well done."
"...the crazy techno soundtrack is of good quality and fits the game well."
"As a GameBoy Color game, Worms Armageddon is just right."

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"Most original game"
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"Best game"
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"Best strategy title"
EG Monthly
"Strategy game of year"
Trophee d'or
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