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update WA for Win2k/XP
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Worms Breakout is a breakout game, where your goal in each level is to break all the bricks. It puts a Wormy attitude on the simple format, adding Worms graphics, wepaons and SFX! Its fun and challenging and the whole game is available for download for free using the links below!
Once you have played Worms Breakout, Visit the forum thread and add your views about the game!
link [ Worms Breakout Forum thread ]

Breakout .zip | 7.3Mb
[ Worms Breakout ]
Minimum requirements
IBM PC Intel Pentium 75Mhz and compatibles.
16Mb System RAM.
2x CD-ROM.
Microsoft Windows 9x/ME/2k/XP.
800x600 Resolution.
Breakout help Download by clicking the link above.
This page will reload, displaying the available download locations.
Click on a location and choose to save the file to your computer.
.zip files need to be extracted using WinZip or similar.
developer Brusi Productions
Are a group of independent game developers. They develop their new games with the flash technology but their games 'King Pong' and 'Worms Breakout' were developed with software called 'The Games Factory'. Brusi Productions are Ori Brusilovsky (manager and programmer), Or K. (advanced flash programmer), Asaf Nudler (graphics editor and flash creator), Yuval Brusilovsky (public relations) and Idan Brusilovsky (quality assurance). If you are talented with computer graphics, music or sound, please contact them.
[ Brusi Productions ]
[ brusio@hotmail.co.il ]

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