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Max damage 75
Aqua Sheep
Prepare to be astounded by this freak of nature as he takes to the skies, his cape fluttering in the wind. Amazing as this may seem, a flying sheep, it is nothing compared to his new and well practised skills in snorkelling. The updated and much improved flying sheep, now with underwater skills, makes it possible to reach those cowardly Worms that once hid away from aerial attack.

Halves energy
So you think you're a crack shot with a shot gun? You can land a grenade on the enemy's head from 50 yards and you know how to call in air support? Well now it's time to get up, close and personal. Confront your opponent, look him in the eyes and see the fear on his face as you swing this ancient weapon of war, carving his energy in two.

Max damage 50
Mine Strike
Select the correct frequency and call in those reinforcements. A payload of fresh mines will land on your selected are of land to try and limit the enemy's range of movement. Warning mines dropped from a great height have a tendency to bounce and may not always stop exactly where you wanted them to.

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Fast Walk
Although the affect of this utility has a limited time factor the usefulness far out ways this disadvantage. Enabling the Worm to walk at double speed means a greater distance can be covered during the move time.

Laser Target
A useful update to all hand weapons including the Mini-gun, Uzi, Shotgun, Handgun and Long Bow which takes the effort out of aiming.

Only available during online battles this useful little option makes all the Worms on your team invisible until they fire a weapon. The Worms are not immune to damage but nevertheless still very useful from a tactical point of view.

Low Gravity
So that ridge is just that little bit too high, that tree really is getting on your nerves or someone's just placed a girder in your face. Well put a spring in your step with this low-gravity upgrade giving you the ability to jump much higher and further than before. But why stop there? This add-on also affects your weapons, meaning you can throw Grenades further or your Bazookas won't come down quite as quick as they did before.

Instant effect
Double Damage
This is another utility available to the modern Wormy soldier. Inflicting twice the damage to any explosion this is the most powerful of all utilities. But be warned having the biggest stick is not always the best especially if you don't have the room to swing it. Due to the excessive blast radius' incurred the user of this utility can easily be caught in his weapon explosion.

Worm Select
Due to advancements in Worm technology it is now possible to aid in the strategic placement of team members. If collected you have the opportunity, when used, to move your first Worm to a more secure local and then select another Worm to move, this can be done until the allotted move time has expired.

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