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Welcome to the tips section. Here you can fast-track your road to success by taking note of all your tips, sent in by veteran wormers. So perk your ears up, here is the best of Top Tip of the Week!
Worm X
"You want to get down from your Ninja Rope, but it won't go far enough. Just apply the parachute while hanging from the rope, and when you let go, hit return."
"Parachuting is fun, but what if you fall into water by wind direction? Easy, just jump off the cliff, and when you're a couple feet away from ground, hit SPACE bar."
"If you want real mayhem and destruction, but your enemy is in a barrier, use the mole squadron, and if it doesn't reach him, just drop in any old banana or holy grenade to break his cover."
"If there is some worm near a mine, nudge him. If he's towards a cliff, use a bat."
"If you are going to drown in sudden death, rocket boosters are the answer."
"Need help at a long distance gun-shot? Laser sight can do the trick, but Rope-Aim can do miracles!"
"Out of mines? No problem. Just grab a 5 second Grenade and DROP (meaning: don't charge it full power) it by your enemy and run. The effects are just the same if a mine where to be used."
"If you're playing in a sinking cavern against a bore who is hiding in the top corner, just make sure you keep a homing missile. Then, when you're both about to sink, launch it underwater up his unsuspecting cheesy ronson. Then watch him sink to his doom while you remain high and dry."
"Want to use an earthquake but worried of chucking your own worm into the briney deep? Simply rope onto something and use your earthquake whilst hanging there. You'll land nice and safely."
"For Major Mass Destruction, Firstly go to weapon editor and choose MINIGUN, then put everything to the highest it will go,50 bullets 100 points etc., and put the bullet spread angle up to around 40-45 degrees. Then Go Into a game and fix a girder about 1-2 inches from the land. Then get on the girder and fire. If you would rather watch your enemy die faster use the shotgun."
"Always hold a weapon (including longbow) very close to the enemy. It takes the most damage off of the opponent."
"If there is a number of enemy worms near an Oil Barrel, use the long bow to shoot the worms towards it (shoot the worm futherest away, and he will knock the other worms closer). With your second arrow, fire at and blow up the barrel itself."
Tim Kirchmar
"Master bungee skills as you can do lots more on a bungee than you might think. You can bungee down to collect a crate, then swing back up to where you dropped from... all without losing altitude."
"Stand on top of the enemy worm, select the mortar and aim straight down.With practice you can be right on center - FIRE! - and cause 70-100 points of damage to his worm and 40-60 points to your own. So unlike the shotgun suicide, this one has the potential to be able to kill a 100 point worm by the time the mortar shell explodes, and your own worm blows up."
"I can't tell you how many times Iíve seen people slowly creep up to the edge of a cliff to drop a land mine or some dynamite on to a worm on a lower level. A more professional looking and safer way to do this is to do a back flip and hit space while in the air. The mine or dynamite will go forward a bit so you don't have to get so close to the edge of a cliff. There are other weapons that can do the same thing so try it out."
"If sudden death has already sprung into effect and you want to save a few points of you energy, if you freeze yourself you won't lose any damage due to sickness"
"The Homing pigeon makes a nice special weapon for your team. It is more or less like 2 old women or a single holy hand grenade."
"Watch closely at what the opposing player is doing all the time. It could coax hints in your head about what to do next"
"Count the opponent's limited items and you will know what to do to prepare for it. e.g. When an opponent has an Napalm or Air Strike, you will either Blowtorch into a cavern or build a large girder. Whichever is the best way..."
"Remember, always watch your opponent on the net. If he/she uses a good maneuver you never saw before, remember it. I learned almost every maneuver i use from battling on the web."
"If an enemy is near a mine, swing low with ninja rope and it will blow up, doing damage and not wasting a turn. This is especially good if a barrel is nearby."
"If you want a makeshift laser sight, ninja rope will work nicely, and if you don't move it after you have it lined up, select the shotgun or the weapon you want to use - it will fire where you aimed the rope at."
"If you want to knock someone right above you (without getting caught in your own explosion), try fire punch. It eats right through the terrain."
"Is your ninja rope just a little too short? Do a backflip and use it while in the air! This also works for fire punch, parachute, and dragonball!"
Keith 'DukuKane' Guerin
"I know that it is rare to get a ming vase but if you get one try to use it like a cluster bomb. Put it right next to or under a person who is in a cramped place like a tunnel or covered nook. If you do this it will take off about 250 points. Though it is a rare weapon they are VERY useful in Full Wormage games. Try it."
"On your first turn, use a 'worm select'. Do this so that you can have the first shot at a worm who would have got you first. In other words 'wipe out any opposing worms with a good position first'. This can make a huge difference in the game"
Michael Diplock
"When someone is being really cheap and using the freeze just put a mine close to him and he'll really regret defrosting"
"You can drown a worm that is trapped in ice if you shoot the land beneath it"
"Always have Parachutes selected whenever jumping or dropping around the terrain. Nothing is worse than losing a turn over three points of fall damage."
"Don't go excessively out of your way to obtain crates. Using a girder or wasting a ninja rope for some unknown item (that usually ends up something useless) is not worth the resource or the time."
"Homing missiles tend to curve into walls and self-destruct. To make the missiles more effective, fire in the OPPOSITE direction of your selected target. Most people simply fire at full power at their target, and the homing missile doesn't have enough flight time to compensate. Firing away from the target gives the missile ample time to redirect itself, and make a beeline for the target."
"Always conserve your special weapons until they are really needed. Don't use dynamite where a grenade will suffice, and don't waste long-distance explosives (holy hand grenade, homing pigeon, etc) on chancy, cross-your-fingers shots."
The fh'yndho
"(For Darksiders) When creating your bunker, have a two girder thick inner wall and make the bunker small enough that your opponent can't teleport in. Then create outer walls, but don't bunch the girders together - leave space between them so one shot can't destroy two or three layers as easily."
Keith Lee
New Zealand
"You can drop almost anything off a rope! Try dropping bazookas, mortars, pigeons, homing missiles, basically anything you can think of. Then try the same weapons off of parachutes and bungee cords - when you have limited rope, the same effect can be caused off these less-used tools"
Peter 'SpectreTheWorm' Calvache
"If there is an oil barrel standing on a bridge and your opponent worm is standing below it, but the bridge is so high that an explosion from the barrel wouldn't do the job, select the shotgun and shoot at the bridge, in the exact center of the barrel. The oil can will fall down (it won't explode) leaving you the possibility to shoot the oil can and to cause massive destruction! Wheeeee!"
"The use of air support should only be called upon when a kill is obvious. Otherwise, save your air-support call for Sudden Death where air support is most efficient."
Ottawa, Canada
"Walk your worm close to the opposing enemy, select Jetpack, press space to activate it. Then select Homing Pigeon and click the X on the enemy wormís head. Fly straight up for about 13-15 units of fuel, press enter to fire the bird and fly off to safety. It's a great move if you are too close for a major explosion."
"If an evil enemy worm freezes to avoid damage, petrol bomb the next worm in the rotation order. It will take damage and lose its turn. "At the end of the game in sudden death, when the water has gotten pretty high, remember that homing missiles work underwater. "With two worms trying to kill each other... Drop a mine that will blow open a tunnel between you and the enemy. Retreat. Next turn, activate your mine and run away. Walk through the newly opened hole and destroy your enemy with anything you want."
Casey Harris
New York, USA
"The flamethrower is a nice close-range weapon. However, it can be used for longer-range strikes (as long as the wind is not against you). Aim the flamethrower at about 30 degrees from your target (up of course). If the wind is more in your favour, you can aim the thrower higher and get more range. You can also the thrower as a blowtorch. Get about an inch away from what you want to tunnel through. Then, when you start firing, use a smooth up and down motion with the thrower."
"Hate hitting a wall when the Jetpack runs out? Why don't you use that parachute!!"
"If you have more than one worm left, and the opportunity presents itself... don't be afraid to sacrifice a worm... especially if you can hurt a large pack of the enemy. Heck, if you take the big dirt nap, you can do another 25 points to the buggers...."
Chris 'Plutonic' Wallace
Chesham, UK
"When the enemy freezes him/her self, don't just move to a better spot or hide. ATTACK! Drop a mine on them or throw a petrol bomb. If it is a different worms move next turn then the mine will hurt it, if it is that worms turn next try placing to mine on its head, if your lucky the worm won't be able to run and they will loose there turn. The petrol bomb works fine on either, as so as they start their turn and unfreeze they will burn."
"If you have a Jetpack and a Banana Bomb, wait till the enemy is in a crevice with just enough space above him for a banana. Set a 5 second fuse and fly away to safety. You can do anything upto 500 HPs damage!...cool move, try it."
Dale 'Sniper' Hawthorn
Melbourne, Australia
"If you have limited rope, the Parachute can be used to get your Worm on top of small ledges, even if you can't jump backwards onto it. When the wind is in the right direction, get your Worm as close to the ledge as possible, where the Worm can jump straight up without hitting anything. Then, select the parachute, jump up, and at the peak of your jump, open the Parachute - your Worm will float onto the ledge!"

[ goodies | tips | our top tips ]
Exclusively, we've managed to squeeze some tips out of certain members of Team17. A worthwhile read which will expand your knowledge of Worm warfare and may just help you win a few more games!
Martyn Brown
"Watch the sequence of Worms if you aren't playing with Worm select. It's vital to know which Worm has next shot in this case. Why not name all your Worms the same to confuse your foes!"
Craig Jones
"Use Low Gravity and Baseball Bat at the same time for flinging Worms that extra distance."
"What about using the Homing Missile like a torpedo? Click on the guy you need to shoot, aim slightly into the water and fire just far enough to get it away from you but not too much that it goes off the bottom of the screen. If all goes well, assuming the enemy Worm could be hit in the first place, you should do some damage or knock him clear into the water."
John Eggett
"Dud Land-Mines can be hit with the Baseball Bat you know. Why not hit one in the direction of the enemy next time you play?"
Danny Cartwright
"A Sheep is a Worm's best friend. Did you know that a Sheep can also collect weapon crates for you? An added bonus from a fluffy friend!"
Karl Morton
"When in Sudden Death mode and you have two or more Worms left and the enemy has only one, an alternative kamikaze method is to Teleport your Worm high into the air above the enemy with sufficient height so that it will drop onto the enemy Worm. If successful, you'll kill the enemy and win the game."
Colin Surridge
"Always go to the loo before you start playing a game."
"Make sure you know all about the scheme being used before playing the game. There is nothing worse than expecting a Worm to die only to discover fall damage is off."
"The Long Bow is a VERY good weapon, if used right it's like a Basball Bat that can be used from a distance. Always ask yourself 'can I use the Long Bow against them'. Then spend the next half hour sending messages saying 'bullseye', 'did you get the point', 'honest, I wasn't aiming at you' and other stuff to really get on their nerves."
Phil Carlisle
"Dont forget to keep your eye on the time, if time is running out, head for the high ground early, get the best position early and you can defend that position against Worms desperately trying to climb as the water raises."
Martin Randall
"Try to remember what weapons your opponent has used so that you will know what they have left."
"When all else fails, dig your way to safety."
Paul Robinson
"On WormNET, when playing in the Pro league, save Invisibility and Worm Select until as late as possible, especially if the other player has the upper hand."
Kelvin Aston
"Use Dynamite wisely, it's more profitable to destroy two or more Worms than only one. Herd 'em up then blow 'em up!"
Mark Baldwin
"How's about this as a cool way of finishing an opposition Worm off: Parachute towards the Worm and press F1 to arm a Bazooka and then press Enter to launch the Bazooka at a 45 degree angle."
Grant Towell
"Hey matey, a tip for you here.... Try using the Homing Missile on a rope when the Worm is high in the air!"
Paul Sharp
"When in Pro league, position Worms on as higher ground as possible. Make sure you get first placement, first placement is everything."
Andy Davidson
"Bazooka: this is the Swiss Army Knife of weapons, having many different uses. What separates the good from the bad, though, is being able to use the wind. When there is strong wind, firing straight up and letting the wind take it is known as an OVER-SHOULDER-BOULDER. Hitting a Worm with one of these shots is well worth activating smug-mode for. "

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